Casa mirando al mar


Home renovation facing the sea

In Delta TM we are very clear that, in the rehabilitation or reform of a home, in addition to betting on quality in construction, it is essential to adapt the element to the new energy efficiency regulations, since we care about caring for the environment .

A clear example of this is the reform carried out to this house facing the sea, built in 1970, with a style typical of the time: A sloping Arabic tile roof and closed porches with arches.

Before carrying out the rehabilitation, this house was in a poor state of conservation, and the views of the plot were wasted, because the pool was at a very low level with respect to the house.

At Delta TM we approach the remodeling of the house looking for both a new architectural style and a new lifestyle, since the house had two independent houses without internal communication.

In this way, in the rehabilitation, the expansion on the ground floor and the internal communication of both floors were projected, organizing the night area on the upper floor and the day area on the ground floor with direct communication to the infinity pool.

Highlighting the straight lines and making the color white the protagonist, looking out into a unique environment. The house is completely closed to the outside to open to the sea through visual fluidity, the continuity of colors and materials.

The key elements in this case have been:

  • Functional adaptation
  • The sustainability of construction
  • The turn towards minimalism

At Delta TM we propose solutions that, while respecting the strengths of the original element, transform it into a contemporary space thanks to our wide range of resources, which allow us to adapt with versatility to the different needs that arise throughout the useful life of each living place.

If you are thinking of reforming your home, we invite you to ask for your budget without any commitment .

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